Lineage II   Interlude

A fascinating and interesting, exciting world awaits You, where we can help You to find new friends, fight duels and invest in the accumulation of the castles!

Lineage II

About The Game

The game is a prequel, which takes a place 150 years before the events of the first part of Lineage. The game is made in the fantasy genre. The plot unfolds on the lands of Aden and Grace devastated by the strife of the gods. In harsh conditions, among the consequences of the war of the gods and constant cataclysms, the inhabitants of the two continents are forced to constantly fight for their lives and well-being.


The Game has a store. You may contact your Admin or GM. Discounts up to 50%!

Lineage II  Interlude

Client And Patch

Dear Guests, download Client Lineage2 Interlude and Patch please, below here is a link:



Lineage II The Chaotic Chronicle

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